Sunday, 27 September 2015

Stowmarket Skateboard Grand Challenge 2015

Last weekend saw another skate jam happening, this time in Stowmarket. Josh asked if I'd come and take some photos and so on a beautifully sunny afternoon, I arrived early to find I'd not loaded a card into my camera. After a short trip to the supermarket I returned, ready, like a pro.
The town has had a skatepark of one form or another for many years. First a metal mini ramp, spine, flat bar etc. which I remember visiting with Dom Tinkler when I first moved to Bury in around 2001, and for the past few years a small concrete park which the local users want to improve and extend. Some inspirational poster sized prints of a few parks recently finished in the UK were on display to wet attendees' appetites. The first meeting with local authorities to discuss the desires of the user group was organised for the Wednesday after the jam and this event to raise awareness with local residents, businesses went off without a hitch. Various competitions including best trick on the big quarter, step up wedge best trick, long jump step up and overall park were held with both under and over 16 years categories.
I skate with a lot of the adult Stowmarket locals that turned up regularly at Empire Skatepark's Skate Only Night and my local, but you don't get to see a skater's true skill until you see them ride their local.

Danish Hussein - 360 flip
Elijah - f/s 50-50,  f/s early grab down (angle #1)
Elijah - f/s 50-50, f/s early grab down (angle #2)
John Howlett
David Davies

Jordan Thackeray
Dave Davies - b/s heel flip
Jack (?) - f/s sweeper (angle #1)
Stow local #1 - f/s lip slide
Stow local #2 - f/s 50-50
Stow local #3 - b/s flip
Stow local #4 - blunt pull in (angle #1)
James Grindley - b/s lip slide
James Grindley - b/s smith, flip out
James Grindley - no idea, but he cleared the bank into the park
Dave Davies - kickflip b/s crook
Dave Davies - b/s ollie
James Grindley
Luke Jarvis
Dave Davies - b/s 360
Dandy Roy - f/s early grab
Jack (?) - no comply pole jam
Stow local #4 - blunt pull in (angle #2)
Jack(?) - f/s sweeper (angle #2)
Luke Jarvis - b/s body jar
Luke Jarvis - sal flip (?)
Jed Jolly - b/s smith
Jed Jolly - f/s 50-50
John Howlett - b/s nose grind
John Howlett - b/s smith
John Howlett - f/s nose grind
John Howlett - f/s tail slide
John Howlett - b/s nose blunt slide
John Howlett - shovit
John Howlett - sugarcane

Jordan Thackeray - f/s tuck knee
Jordan Thackeray - f/s ollie (angle #1)
Jordan Thackeray - f/s ollie (angle #2)
Jordan Thackeray - ollie up to f/s smith
Jordan Thackeray - f/s tail grab
Jordan Thackeray - Judo
Jordan Thackeray - b/s noseblunt revert transfer
Jordan Thackeray - ollie
Jordan Thackeray - tuck knee
Max Melwani - f/s tail slide
Stephen Nowak - b/s rock & roll
Stephen Nowak - b/s 50-50

Ted Condon - high to low f/s air
Ted Condon - spine to quarter ollie
Ted snapped three boards trying this transfer. Only one of them was his.
Expensive day.
Ted Condon - tre flip
Vince Condon - Texas
Luke Jarvis f/s airing over Jed Jolly's f/s smith

Winners were given prizes donated by Hardcore Hobbies, Keen Distribution, Lovenskate, Palomino, Horse Industries Skate Co, Rock Solid Distribution and Witchcraft Skateboards and kids went all out for a product toss in the bowl. Vince didn't keep the second board.

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