Monday, 24 August 2015

Bury St. Edmunds Skatepark Summer Jam 2015

In aid of Bury St. Edmunds Skatepark Experience (registered charity no: 1153237) and supported by Bury's Hardcore Hobbies and St. Edmundsbury Borough Council, the Summer Jam begun for me at around 11am on Sunday but, a group of other volunteers had been on site some time before to ready the area for the event.
A queue of users and families built at the gate towards 12 and paying their £4 entry (all proceeds - around £800 will go towards the upkeep and future improvement of the park)  got there fill before the forecast rain arrived.
Jay & Sean of Risbygate Street's Hardcore Hobbies took MC duties and legendary former staffer Dom Tinkler with his new family, visiting family here in Bury even took some shifts. With the rain threat in mind the competitions swiftly commenced, beginning with the scooter bowl, following this BMX bowl & skate bowl.
As the rain begun to invade the air, the rail elements of the comps were already underway, but as the rain fell harder leaving trails and then puddling the jam was initially postponed and after further rain, abandoned.
The outstanding comp elements will be decided during a low key evening session in the next week or so. You can get info about this by popping into Hardcore Hobbies or keeping an eye on their Instagram account.  

Scooter Bowl winners
"It can't be him though, he's not riding..."

"Naaah, that's definitely him."

"It's not him, he's injured. He's not riding. It must be someone else"
Jed Jolly - pull-up
Dom Tinkler - 50-50
Jed Jolly - Sugarcane
Connor Phimister - handrail bar spin

Jed Jolly - f/s smith
Stephen Nowak - rock & roll

Skateboard Bowl winners

Connor Phimister - up rail ice bar out

Jed Jolly - f/s seat belt
Joe Embrey

 Huge thanks go to all the volunteers involved in organising and managing the event, Tom's Snack Bar, The Rehearsal Rooms and all the companies that donated prizes and sponsored the event.

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