Friday, 15 July 2016

Northern Sex Tourists Visit Bury St. Edmunds

Ben Broyd - f/s 5-0 all the way over

I popped across the road to my local on Saturday night to relax for a couple and noticed on my entry a few fellas I kind of recognised but couldn't place setting up camp in the pump track. Barbecues lit and tent erections well underway a smile grew upon my face as I passed and set down my bags, greeting the team with bumps and fives*.
There's something special about being on a trip with your mates, surviving on the essentials found at the shops you find close to the parks or spots you visit. Skating until you can't, and all the other stuff that comes with touring with good friends and skateboards. Seeing others with the same enthusiasm as me at that age brings back so many memories, new and old...
 The evening progressed into a good session for me. The deep end of the bowl is finally opening up to me after too long and some easy backside grinds are building my confidence slowly but surely. I left as the lights came on to return to normal life until my usual Sunday morning play.
I spotted a thin white smoke column rising from the park against the spots of blue breaking through the grey as I drove round the Asda roundabout. The visitors were up and brewing up as I rolled round the park. I was surprised by the amount of people at the park at nine in the morning. Admittedly I was one of only three or four without a foot plate and a pair of handlebars being viewed by the family, but numbers are numbers and the Bury St. Edmunds Skatepark on Olding Road has a total monthly footfall second only to one other public park in the district. This helps greatly when we're talking to people about donations or funding!
I rolled around the bowl and was joined by a couple of people. Got chatting, managed a few good lines and snapped a couple of shots.
The visitors were from Sheffield. As I had correctly guessed the night before, some of the Sex Skateboards rollers taking in some southern sights. Shortly after the picture above was taken, Ben slammed trying to boost the double hip gap removing most of the skin on one palm in one big bloody flap. The group left for the next stop shortly after this. From the looks of their instagram feeds, the trip carried on regardless.

Amadeus Jozef Szklaruk - b/s boneless

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Friday, 1 July 2016

Luke Jarvis - Foot Plant

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