Friday, 25 November 2016

Latest Photos From Skate Night At Empire

Jordan Thackeray - b/s 360 stale

Another Wednesday, another Skate Night at Empire!
With the addition of a new 8mm fisheye to work out I spent the entire evening behind my camera. I had a little trouble with my remote triggers, so these are all single flash shots.

Munson went all out for foot plants and Andrew thew the trick of the night with a gnarly b/s plant off the wall above the bowl corner. Jordan ended the night with a b/s 50-50 on a freezer transferring it down the rail. Wild!

Mark Munson - wall plant transfer
Andrew Houghton with the trick of the night

Jordan Thackeray - 360 shov

Jordan Thackeray - b/s 50-50 freezer transfer

Mark Munson - wall plant transfer (angle #2)

Mark Munson - foot plant board varial

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Friday, 11 November 2016

Empire Skatepark Skate Night Menagerie

Taken at the last couple of Skate Night sessions at Empire, these photos are a mix of naturally lit and flash aided shots. The naturally lit one is the photo above of Mark, the others are the result of yet more experimenting with longer exposures using a simple camera top or remote flashes to bring a greater sense of movement to the shot. 

Jordan Thackeray - b/s nose blunt slide (check the video below to see the shlomo)
Filmed by Mark Munson & Cerven Cotter

Toby Gozzute - f/s air
Carl Wilson - Hurricane

Mark Munson - f/s boneless

Toby Gozzett - b/s over crook
Rick Clark went in hard for a couple of hours to get this b/s tail slide biggy. 

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