Friday, 18 October 2013

Urbside Improvement Day, April 2013

Yet more root canal work for me this week. Not a pleasant business.
I also managed to get started on the long overdue task of tidying up my Mac and sorting through old photos for archiving. After the last wheel of death moment (more like 3 days once I'd finally sorted it!) I decided on the purchase of a network/backup drive which works a treat. Only downside being that you have to maintain it!

This set of 75 - yep, seventy five photos were taken throughout a day of demolition and reworking of one end of the now locally infamous Urbside DIY skate park, Essex in a bid to improve the park ahead of the annual Lords of the Swords competition later in the year.
I thought I'd lost them during the crash, but no!
You lucky things.
Skating next time.