Monday, 12 October 2015

Lords Of The Swords 2015 Awards Night - Shutter Gap Mega Ramp

Empire Skatepark was the venue once again for the Lords Of The Swords 2015 awards night . The votes had been counted and independently verified and Saturday nights celebrations saw the welcome return of an old favourite, The Shutter Gap!

Work had gone in to this the night before with the construction and decoration of the landing ramp and an extension to give ample speed to clear the barrier out, into the car park.
As usual, rain threatened all afternoon and the clouds gathered as I set up a test shot, but with the luck of the swords, it stayed dry!
Jordan and Mikey began to play and a couple of good pictures were in the bag before the evening got underway!
I left in the early hours of Sunday morning. By this time the skating had given way to partying and as the entire Lords Of The Swords 2015 event had done, the party was going off.

Lords Of The Swords 2015 Results

Highest Total Points - Only Fools 
Ali Cox, Nico Kaczmarek, Nick Remon, Mike Stimson, 
Rhys Westlake, Keegan Grace and substitute skater Keeaun Jones. 
Filmed and edited by Eddy B

Best Video (online public vote) - Easy Money
Thomas Flanagan, Zach Yates, Callum Law, 
Regan Bourne, Jason Goode,Sam Leach, 
Zak Lucas and Owen Goodwin

Best Pro Team - Border Patrol (& Altar Skateshop)
(Too many to mention)

Best Slam - Chris of Border Patrol (Altar Skateshop) 
Broken arm, and still got some more points!

Spirit Of The Sword Award - We're Just Here For The                                                                           
                                                 Beer And The Bitches

Best Trick - Mikey Joyce (Triple Sword)
HUGE Flip Stale Fish transfer at Empire Skatepark - from the doorway to the flat bank.

Best Out of Town Edit - No 2nd/Stone Cutters 
Elliot Ward, Tim Parsons, Simon Denny, Marc S.A. Carter 
and Gaby Dos Santos.

Shutter Gap Challenge - 1st: Nick Remon - Kickflip
                                         2nd: Elliot Simmons - B/S Ollie

Elliott Simmons - b/s ollie
Jordan Thackeray - Dragon Soup ollie

Jordan Thackeray - judo
Jordan Thackeray - tail grab
Lewis Fitzpatrick - double grab
Luke Jarvis - nose stall / blunt pull in transfer 
Mikey Joyce - stalefish
Mikey Joyce - tuck knee
Nick Remon - f/s melon
Nick Remon - indy grab
Nick Remon - melon
Lewis & Jordan 
Taylor Jones - bastard plant
Taylor Jones - b/s boneless

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