Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Skegness Spring Jam Sequences

Sunday saw a return to Skegness for the Spring Jam at Xcite Skatepark.
A pretty new park layout and sunshine over the outdoor plaza led to good times on a quiet indoor park.
I thought we had a had a long 2 1/2 hour drive but on arrival I was chatting to Nic Powley who had driven a van full from Margate, four and a half hours away!  
I found the actual jam to be a little lacking in sensation for photos so between the odd run on the mini which was as nice and slippery as usual, I shot from across the park and practiced some tight zoomed sequences without the aid of a flash. 
Jasper, Jordan, Fuller and a rare crossing of paths with Trevor Johnson became my focus. 
A good day meeting new and old friends and some skateboarding. 

Jordan Thackery - ollie up to f/s nose grind 
Trevor Johnson - b/s hip slide
Fuller - f/s 5-0 
Fuller - fakie f/s hip slide
Jasper Pegg - switch blunt slide f/s 180

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Empire Easter Skate Camp with Milk Skateboards & Friends

The second annual Easter skate camp was held at Empire Skatepark in Colchester last week and was completely sold out weeks before the event.
Held in the school holidays with all the Milk crew making an appearance at some point over the 3 days the young attendees get to hang out with the crew and learn basics and tricks in a safe and laid back environment with lunch and refreshments provided.
Unable to wangle the time off, I turned up for the final day to take some shots for Empire. The main event being a big air contest over the jump box with the usual stack of boards built up on top. 
This made for some really funny photos. As it makes some of the most experienced skaters uneasy, I decided to run without a flash for this as I didn't want to put any of the kids off  half way through a trick.   
Other fun stuff that went down on the last day included pass the parcel with stickers in every layer and some other goodies hidden within, a session on a DIY bank out back - the new concrete section wasn't ready unfortunately. And as it was someone's birthday, everyone got CAKE.
Earlier in the week all the kids received Milk Skateboards decks which all the crew signed and I even got to scribble on a couple!

Pass the parcel coming up!
The Mexican got stickers
Bossman Lewis - great with a stop button 

Other stickers
More stickers!
A new set of Super Toxics!


"do you know what nemesis means?"

(intruding camera strap) f/s 50-50

Preparing for a whole lot of mayhem!

Nearly got hit by this one, I had no idea it was coming!


High fives for sackings!

Megaphones - Megafun! 
I'd like to thank all at Empire Skatepark and the kids that attended the camp for putting up with me getting everyone's way. 
Also, thanks for using my photo of Harley Miller on the poster!

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