Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Rak N Roll Dayer 2019 - Part Two

Words & Photos by Paul Jackson

This, the second part of my account of the annual celebration of Luke Jarvis' short, bright time on this earth has been a long time coming. And I hope I said all that was needed in the first part. 
So here is part two. 

Taylor Jones - sal flip tail

Tyler Emery - layback f/s rock & roll

Tyler Emery - f/s grind

Sean (@skaterdad88) - f/s lipslide

Taylor Jones - madonna

Sean - f/s smith
Rob Ayton - switch f/s smith
Rio o'Bryne - weird late sex change thing 

Taylor Jones - f/s air

Max Melwani - f/s smith

Rob Ayton - tail grab f/s smith
Jack Vincent - b/s tailslide

Lewis Anderson of Two Toed Skateboards helping Tamsin Holmes
learn some new stuff on his brand new Ramp Supply Co equipment

Matt Beer - mayday

Max Melwani - f/s rock & roll
Matt Beer - f/s nose grab
Mikey Joyce - f/s air

Ashley Finlay - op whip

Jack Vincent - f/s smith

Matt Beer - b/s ollie
Lee Blackwell - egg plant

Mikey Joyce - stalefish

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Monday, 8 July 2019

Rak N Roll Dayer 2019 - Part One

Words & photos by Paul Jackson

With recent events still jagged in all our hearts the group of friends that come together to celebrate the life of our friend Luke Jarvis tragically cut short 3 years ago now had a new sense of camaraderie and a want to not only come together in one place, but give each other a hug and talk. The loss of Ben Raemers has profoundly affected every one of us to the point where, I found myself talking feelings with people seen from the outside at least, as a very male dominated, macho group. Skateboarding has from its inception been viewed as having the put or shut up, man up, grow a pair attitude. It’s skate hard, party hard, brag hard and talk shit hard. No mention of the tough times or the dark stuff that affects every one of us in our live to some extent. Some more than others.

Ben’s funeral and the notion that taking his own life was the only way he could see a release from those darkest times has forced a wider conversation between many friends across the U.K. skate scene about our mental health.

What Munson said to the hundreds that attended the Seven Hills Crematorium on that Monday morning about us talking to each other about our demons hit a chord.

So maybe we can from now on not only play hard, but talk hard and listen hard. Listen to each other and realise that maybe the guy that’s always smiling might be screaming under their skin.

Men have been told to man up for too long. Our brains are as soft and delicate as any other and need cleansing with love and understanding.

I arrived at Stowmarket Town FC in driving rain and found Pete’s King Ramps 8 footer freshly painted and repelling the downpour making it very easy to sweep and only 20 minutes to dry completely once the clouds and heavy rain passed. And by 2 o’clock the session was on with Muckefuck’s Lee Blackwell, Dungeon Gateway’s Mikey Joyce and Olympic team hopeful Matt Beer for Flatspot along with a large number of Jarvis’s friends and a number of younger riders.

And once Rob ‘SkateWine’ Ayton had thrown a few shapes he made some bad jokes and chatted shit about all the riders to entertain the crowd. Although I don’t think anyone but the skaters had a clue about what he was on about!

Here’s part one of what went down. There'll be loads more through the week.

Under 16s

 Ash Finlay
fakie front flip

A few weeks after this, Ash had his spleen removed following a very serious slam in Germany.
Thankfully, He's back in the UK and recovering well.

setup air

Rob Ayton
 "I've had half a cider, are you ready Stowmarket?!"

b/s smith

f/s 50-50 tug in

Lee Blackwell

f/s tail grab

f/s crail slide

Matt Beer

f/s smith

f/s air

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