Sunday, 18 December 2016

Luke Jarvis - The Party

Whoever he was to you, he knew how to ride a skateboard and he knew how to party really hard! He always stoked you out at a session, always took the piss and always wore a smile.
I first met Jarvis back when he was about 16. He'd always be at Saffron Walden sessions  goofing around in the bowls with his Dad Andy proudly looking on and chatting to everyone about the last skate mission!
For years Luke has been slaying terrain and taking the slams that inevitably come hand in blooded hand with being so, so gnarly, spending a short spell on the Moonshine Skateboards U.K. team in 2015 & 16. 
One of the last times I was blessed with his presence was the Lords Of The Swords 2016 competition. We were both with the Triple Sword Store Team. That weekend is always a great time but Jarvis out partied everyone with no exceptions. When he was able, he skated as hard as I have ever seen from him. An intent clearly present to blast the shit out of everything. He entertained the entire crew with his antics on and off the wheelie plank all weekend.
Frankly, he's always done that. Blasted so hard like he had reliable information pertaining to the non-existence of tomorrow and partied harder. 
So, when you raise your drink this Christmas, remember the man, the beast, the legend that is Disco Swayze. 
The one. The only. Luke Fucking Jarvis.

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