Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Rak N Roll Dayer 2019 - Part Two

Words & Photos by Paul Jackson

This, the second part of my account of the annual celebration of Luke Jarvis' short, bright time on this earth has been a long time coming. And I hope I said all that was needed in the first part. 
So here is part two. 

Taylor Jones - sal flip tail

Tyler Emery - layback f/s rock & roll

Tyler Emery - f/s grind

Sean (@skaterdad88) - f/s lipslide

Taylor Jones - madonna

Sean - f/s smith
Rob Ayton - switch f/s smith
Rio o'Bryne - weird late sex change thing 

Taylor Jones - f/s air

Max Melwani - f/s smith

Rob Ayton - tail grab f/s smith
Jack Vincent - b/s tailslide

Lewis Anderson of Two Toed Skateboards helping Tamsin Holmes
learn some new stuff on his brand new Ramp Supply Co equipment

Matt Beer - mayday

Max Melwani - f/s rock & roll
Matt Beer - f/s nose grab
Mikey Joyce - f/s air

Ashley Finlay - op whip

Jack Vincent - f/s smith

Matt Beer - b/s ollie
Lee Blackwell - egg plant

Mikey Joyce - stalefish

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