Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Milk Skateboards go to Copenhagen

In early 2012, one of my best friends started a skateboard company, Milk Skateboards.
The name was chosen partly in homage to MSG, a short-lived early 90s skateboard brand founded by legendary pro skater Christian Hosoi and the branding, a quirky interpretation of  one of Dan's (now late) long loved feline companions, Haslam.
No doubt you will see this logo and a great number of photos of the team riders throughout  this blog.

Dan, like many skateboarders has wanted to start a skateboard brand for many years and given that his current business venture was doing well, it seemed to be the best time to take the plunge.
One year on and the brand is selling well in the UK and interest is building internationally.
The team took their first week-long road trip to the west of England culminating in a short promo video release, a mixture of footage shot over the week. Unfortunately, I was not fit enough to join them as I was still in plaster.
In June of this year, Milk & some friends took another trip, this time to the Danish city of Copenhagen. I was able to lurk in the shadows and shoot some photos of the week as it went off!
A video of this trip was released just this week (filmed by Luke Petty & HYS (Alex Diss) and edited by Luke).
I hope you enjoy following our journey through CPH, it really was quite an experience. 
So clean and welcoming and such a quiet place, even in the most built-up urban areas. And the skate spots! So many totally accepted spots of all types all across the city. 

Sam Hayter

Sam Hayter  Tre Flip

Charlie Munro, first attempt big ollie
Harley Miller  Backside tailslide 

Harley Miller  Backside tail slide transfer
Lois Pendlebury  Frontside rock

Mikey Joyce  Feeble fakie

Charlie Munro  Nollie flip nose slide

Charlie Monro  Frontside board slide

Sam Hayter 
Charlie Munro
Mikey Joyce  Frontside pocket air 
Mikey Joyce  Backside smith 
Harley Miller  Frontside crail

Fuller, Sam Hayter, Harley Miller, Dan Shervington, Charlie Munro, HYS (Alex Diss), Mikey Joyce, Luke Petty